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About Bored Ape Wear

Bored Ape Wear was founded by members of the BAYC community who purchased and committed to holding onto at least one Bored Ape forever. We will be offering limited edition and open edition apparel and merchandise featuring prints of official Bored Apes and their licensed derivatives.

BAYC streetwear featuring officially licensed Bored Apes and derivatives!

Each limited edition item features one of the 10,000 verified Bored Apes or an official derivative by one of the BAYC members.

Each item also includes the original Bored Ape Token ID / License Number and blockchain QR code printed on the neck label.

One of the most creative brand launches of this generation, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) embraces collectors as entrepreneurial members of the community. Each purchase of an official Bored Ape NFT includes IP rights to commercialize and produce derivative works from the digital artwork. This is creativity, decentralized and entrepreneurship, empowered.

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